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SmartSDR on Linux
I have been playing with this a bit and have a bit typed up if anyone is interested, I am not a programmer and no reverse engineering was...
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Help Video
I spent some time last night putting DAX back together again from the 1903 update. I would find it valuable for Tim to make some videos ...
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TNF API Changes
In the next release after v2.0.17 we will be making modifications to TNF subscriptions. TNFs will no longer be subscribed to by default a...
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A Thought: Eye Candy
     This is an idea that I am sure has been on the minds of most everyone who has ever played with the PSDR software to make changes to ...
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test micro with 6300
Hello, Here it is, the results with different micros with the 6300  in first place Kenwood MC-60   second place: Yaesu MD100   third Yaes...
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