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Flex 5000A Locks Up
My 5000A running PowerSDR 2.7.2 freezes up all of the time. It might go for a half hour or several hours but then I have to shut down the...
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Real DX Cluster
I was wondering if there are real Dx Clusters out there such as station posting real dx and not someone in their own country. The cluster...
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Icom 7300 manual
If anybody has the Icom 7300, I would be grateful if they could email me the full manual from the CD as only the basic one is available o...
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Flex 6300 missing random dits.
Since the upgrade to 1.6, cw now misses random dits. It is not rf related as I have tested down to 0 watts. No other radios in  my shack ...
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TeamViewer v11 Flex6300
TeamViewer v11 help configure flex6300 remote use. I have TeamViewer v11 working to connect remotely and can receive audio just fine b...
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