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License required with Limited Edition 6500
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Problem when opening 2M slice, all other open slices change to match 2M slice?
When I select 2 Meters the radio switches all the open slices (2-8) to 2 meters. It does not appear to matter what band they are on. All...
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RadioApp Update
From Marcus' website - we're so close to his new iOS application for the Flex Signature Series radios... UPDATEBeta Tests of the Golden ...
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Photo of KY6LA - Howard
New DL8MRE iPad/iPhone APP - at Dayton Flex Dinner
With Marcus' permission I will demoing Marcus, (DL8MRE),  New ALPHA version IPad/iPhone App at Dayton Flex Dinner and possibly at the F...
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Can't get audio on laptop
I am using a Win 7 laptop and a 6300.  Everything seems to be okay with 1.4 except that I can't hear audio at the laptop through the spea...
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Photo of Richard Clafton W4/G7EIX
When I get bored waiting for 1.4...
I get creative....I did one in Perspex a while ago, but it looks wicked in Wood!  So I thought I would share.   You know, like when your ...
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What Is Best Way To Use SSDR with Digital Signal Splits Greater Than 10 Khz
I am using Fldigi for RTTY and other digital modes when needed. Often, the DX station requires split frequency operation. To do this now,...
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