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little power
I am sure that I am missing something very simple. Turned on my 6300 today, receive was fine but when I hit "tune" to check my external a...
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Tuning Issues
My 6700 seems to fail when using the ATU after having just come back from the PEN modification.  Before the 'update' it always seemed to ...
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NB needs work..
doesn't even blank s-7 line noise reliably...killing my shot at FT4 on top band...have to click on and off over and over, then it fizzles...
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QRP mode?
How can I lower the power below 1W? QRP isn't much of a challenge when WSPR is still doing >5000 miles on 1 watt into a mag-loop sittin...
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I don't have any strong hope someone will say 'what a brilliant idea, let's hire him' but here goes. I propose you guys switch programm...
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Window control
It would be handy if SmartSDR could have some way of monitoring certain user configurable programs, the idea being that those programs wo...
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