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Can anyone please explain this error?
Running Windows 7 and now get this error, it repeats and if I don't close the window Smart SDR will continue to run.  I have not seen thi...
  • Jeffrey Kerber, N3VE, 10 months ago

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6600M\6400M screen saver
When we run SmartSDR on a 6400M or 6600M is there a way to add a screen saver to the M Radio display? No reason for the screen to be left...
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Power Genius shipping?
Gerald posted this on May 3rd. Power Genius XL Customers, Today is a landmark day in the development of the Power Genius XL ampli...
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Maestro will not BOOT!!!
6700  I followed the instructions in the quick start guide.  Cat cable from the Maestro to my switch, power cable to the Maestr...
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