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Photo of Jean-Luc / F5JRC
Maestro sidetone question
Hello,I am very close to buying a Maestro (end of the year) but a question comes up quite often about the CW sidetone who would have a te...
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Photo of Robert Lonn
2.6.1 Issue
Radio wont boot up second time with 2.6.1... After the upgrfade the radio was on line and working. After that I shut down the radio and b...
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Photo of Mike Hoing
Routine Cleaning for Dust
How often and how should one go about cleaning out the fans and other components fro dust that build ups in components like this. The fan...
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Photo of Keith Mitchell
Has anyone run across an intro video on using DogparkSDR software for the Mac. I had no problem getting it working but would love to see ...
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