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New install of SSDR ERROR
I installed  SSDR 3.1.8 on an old ASUS X44H i3 laptop with only 4M of ram that my friend just threw away. Running win7 Home Edition. Much...
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Single Point Ground
Probably the last one to figure this one out, but I installed a 1" copper bus bar and tied every piece of ham equipment to the bus bar th...
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6600m F-Keys LED
Hi All,My 6600M (v3.18 when it became available) has been running flawless for about a year.  However, the F-KEY BUTTONS no longer have b...
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Dax IQ via Smartlink
DAX IQ stream are not working for me on V2.4.9. I get the rest of the Dax process but not IQ to feed Skimmers.   IT that by design or am...
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