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2.4.9 ANF
Improved/properly working ANF still nowhere to be found. Truly sad. So many basic things need work. Instead we get a multicolored S Met...
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SSR 2.2.8
Well, I guess I should not have said I'd take having a momentary sideways display on startup of my 6600M in exchange for a working ANF. I...
  • James Whiteway, 1 year ago

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Just hooked up my 6600M.  Problem is that the display is horizontal instead of vertical.  Not too useful unless you lay your head on the ...
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Interference every KHz!
I have a 6300 that is a couple months old and it has an odd problem. About 9~10 pm every night I get a radio station that spikes the disp...
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Flex This!!
I have seen the goings on this weekend, and I am a little sad. The best part of this community is when someone writes in with a question ...
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