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Mult Client/Multi's alive!
After banging my head for quite some time. I finally got my test app working correctly with V3.0.27 of the FlexLib API. Big thanks to Eri...
  • James Whiteway, 1 month ago

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V3.0.19 Upgrade thoughts
Well, since I have wanted Multi-Client for a long time,,,I bit the bullet and purchased V3.0.19. $215.00 just to play software developer!...
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Flexradio loyalty
Waiting for my 6400 to arrive! Cant wait!   While researching (extensively) before I purchased a flex, I couldn't help but notice that th...
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I am Flex less
Dropped my 6400M off at the local UPS terminal this AM to get the final PEN done. Already missing it hurry home my 6400M
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