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Dax level persistence ?
Some digital apps (freeDV) being a typical one requires a Dax TX Level Increase each time we boot up. It would sure be nice to have pers...
  • James Nelson, 5 years ago

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DAX help, please?
DAX help, please? When I try to turn on DAX, it crashes. In the last version before the recent upgrade, I am pretty sure that DAX worke...
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DAX and MIC configuration
When will the capability be available to combine audio inputs such as: DAX+MIC DAX+BAL ACCY+MIC Mainly interested in the DAX+MIC...
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Remote On/Off
I guess I may have missed an answer to this. When will I be able to turn my 6700 on/off remotely? I can connect to it via Teamviewer ...
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