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Android App Advance Orders ?
With Challenges facing the Android application I am willing see if I get a reaction here or rotten tomatoes thrown at me
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Android App
I started working on a Android App to go alongside my CMD micro.  I wanted a few additional feature at hands reach without having to use ...
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Just thank you...
About time I spoke up ...... You promised ongoing support for my product and you did it, Version 2.0 was included for the early adopters...
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PEN for Australian 6700
Being a little farther away than most just I am curious (and nervous) about PEN updates. Mine was Signature Series No21 from June 2013. (...
  • James Nelson, 5 years ago

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Monitoring on DAX ?
Can we monitor the DAX input ie; hear FLdigi modes going to air on tx ? I notice the monitor "MON" button that operates on voice mic in ...
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