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Maestro Sensitivty to RF
My Maestro seems to have developed a sensitivity to RF.  I seldom use the Maestro so, I'm not sure when the problem started.  But it happ...
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SSDR V3 Pros and Cons
I have started this conversation as a method of understanding how V3 is doing in the real world. It is NOT for bickering, do that somewhe...
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swr mismatch
An odd one....Flex 6400 that shows good SWR on all bands, and near enough matches the readings from my in-line Daiwa DN-801, except on 30...
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Using 2 cw keys ?
Just ordered a 6600, so I am a newbee to the Community. Currently have a K3 that I have both a straight key and paddles plugged into at t...
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