Photo of Tim - W4TME
PowerGenius XL
The chassis and specifications for the1500W solid state amplifier from FlexRadio, the PowerGenius XL has been updated and are now availab...
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Photo of Paul Mandel
After a few unforced errors as well as bothering Dudley and a few others, I was able to get the SPE 2K-FA connected to the 6500.  It is t...
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Photo of KM4CQG
SmartSDR v1.9.9 working well
Installed 1.9.9 last night worked some SSB, PSK &JT65 with no issues. Install was straight forward and all Profiles remained. DAX does s...
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Photo of Bob G   W1GLV
Tim, I'm gonna have to buy you a drink at Hamcation. The teasing is terrible. I don't know if you noticed but were like a bunch of kids a...
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