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Dax Sound problem
While using WSJT-X or DXLab WinWarbler in a mode other than CW or RTTY. If I leave either application open on the desk top for a while ...
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PTT vs CAT for JT-65 or WSPR
Question When I was at the Orlando Ham fest a few of the Flex Radio Reps where showing me that I should use PTT to Transmit rather then ...
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PowerGenius XL
The chassis and specifications for the1500W solid state amplifier from FlexRadio, the PowerGenius XL has been updated and are now availab...
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After a few unforced errors as well as bothering Dudley and a few others, I was able to get the SPE 2K-FA connected to the 6500.  It is t...
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Persistence issues
After I installed 1.10.15, I noticed the radio does not return to the setting one had before shutting down SmartSDR. When I start SmartSD...
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ATU Receive Only
I like to monitor a range of digital frequencies with the 6700. Have found that activating the ATU on a low band usually de-sensitizes th...
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