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QRP mode?
How can I lower the power below 1W? QRP isn't much of a challenge when WSPR is still doing >5000 miles on 1 watt into a mag-loop sittin...
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DAX Windows Mixer integration
Allow DAX to integrate with the Windows mixer. The volume sliders only work when using the DAX control panel, but not when using the Wind...
  • Iain McLachlan, 5 years ago

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Tune power level
I think the time has come to nail this problem once and for all. I set my tune power to 20W and I would like it to stay there. I am doin...
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6300 V1.3.8 Crash
Below are the steps I use to cause SmartSDR to Crash, Video also included 2 RX Slices Open on One Panadapter Open 2nd Panadapter Click o...
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