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S meter
Always reading S-4 on 20 ,S-5-6 40. S-6 on 75 meters RF not lowering it Why is it always read high Icom 7700 zero on 20 ,40 ...
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Power Genius XL
Does anyone have or been using the Power Genius XL yet?  What is the status on the amp? I see they are able to put on "reserve" but are ...
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mirophone choice
When I had my 6300, I had a plain Jane Radio Shack Dynamic mic with a standard 2 wire output. I got good audio reports.Now that I have a ...
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SmartSDR v3
when it will be possible to control with Maestro simultaneously with PC? Is it really impossible to foresee such a simple function with t...
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Here we go again!
This is getting ridiculous!I sent my radio in to Flex for a frequency stability issue that was preventing FT8 decode. They got the radio ...
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Help Video
I spent some time last night putting DAX back together again from the 1903 update. I would find it valuable for Tim to make some videos ...
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Power issue
Hi I have a question.. would someone knows why the radio does not gives me 100 W in all bands? Where only I can reach the 100W is 6M...
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