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CW sidetone
Does anyone have any idea when the CW sidetone will be available to monitor via DAX so it can be monitored remotely? 73 Greg AB7R
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Well it seems a computer connected SDR won't be in my future.  I am hoping to retire soon....sell the house and the wife, dog, cat and I ...
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Power problem solved
I would like to thank all of those who commented and gave advice on the lack of output power from the radios. Especially the comment that...
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Splatter TX on 6500
Looking for ideas about what could be causing such a bad transmit signal?  I got a complaint from another ham that I was splattering wh...
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Antenna persistence
I notice sometimes when I close down SSDR and restart it (usually the next day) the antenna selection is not the same as when it closed. ...
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