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Wireless headsets
First let me start out by saying that I really dislike cables and cords, therefore I'm trying to find the best wireless headset and micro...
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Q) Voice keyer setup
How do contesters organize the voice keyer and microphone? I am considering to use voice keyer thru DAX TX1 and it works.   However, at t...
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DAX error
DAX error message after installation corrected by downloading and running Revo Uninstaller that removed the software and all associated f...
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DDUTIL Setup Video?
After a few days with my Flex 6700 I'm starting to feel comfortable with its operation.  I now need to get my PW-1 configured with my Fle...
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Photo of Ken - NM9P
Having used both MMTTY and FLDigi, I am interested in any testing results about which program has the most effective demodulator for RTTY...
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