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I wonder if adverts and for sale messages could be kept off this forum? If somebody does think they have a place, maybe it would be best ...
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Best Field Day Ever
This Field Day, the Phoenix Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club had an all-Flex 6000 series event. We were 4A with a 6700 and three 6300's. We...
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Internet required?
At FD (and all these problems I am posting seem to stem from that outing) I had strange things happen when starting SmartSDR.  We had no ...
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JT 65 and DAX
Trying to set up JT65 on my SmartSDR machine and it is bombing. The DOS window shows an enumeration of all of the audio ports and the DA...
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SmartCat Install Procedure
I think there is a small error in the version .13 PDF notes in regard to the location and execution of the cat file. It is located where...
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