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No power out on FT8
I have been trying to get FT8 up and running on my 6500 for several days now.  I have checked several U tube videos and online operating ...
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Read CW
Now that CWX has been added, will there be a feature added in a future revision that will allow SmartSDR to read CW and display it onscre...
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NB Idea
Gerald, here is an idea: bring the 6000 noise blanker up to the level of the 5000. This should include reflecting NB improvement on the p...
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Antenna switch
Need some advice please. I have one antenna I use for transmitting and receiving on a Kenwood TS-590. I just bought a Flex 1500. I wa...
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ALS-600 SS AMP &Flex 6500?
Has anyone in the community interfaced the ALS-600S SS AMP to Flex 6500 using their remote interface, ARI-500?  Their remote interface ha...
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