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Problem solved - Wifi Extender
My Internet setup consists of AT&T Uverse DSL (using a Motorola DSL Modem/Wifi router combo) and a Wifi extender in my shack.  The extend...
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Power meter
Submitted for consideration -- Could the front panel display on the 6500/6700 become home to a Power/SWR meter? As much as I admire my o...
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default transmit profile
OK, it's time again for Bob to ask another dumb question. As seen in the attached photo, each time I boot up my 6500 the transmit profile...
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Unique Icons?
Suggestion - make the icons for SmartSDR, CAT, and DAX different colors or images. They're getting a little hard to keep track of. Work...
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I would like to suggest that Flex consider adding a NB option to SSDR in addition to the WNB. All they need to do is use the same algorit...
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