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Missing you at the W4DXCC 2018
Dear Flex, Hoped to see you at the W4DXCC again this year. Understand there was a conflict. You are not here. Missing you, A Humble ...
  • Gary Wise, 7 months ago

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Audio popping in 2.3.7
After upgrading to 2.3.7 I have noticed loud "pops" when receiving CW and at the same time the SmartSDR display pauses. This is quite ran...
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Power Off Maestro
Is there any difference in shutting down the Maestro between briefly holding and releasing the power button and holding the power button ...
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Photo of Ken - NM9P
160 WAS!
I finally did it! I changed the 80 Meter Inverted L to 160 Meters yesterday.  (Added about 70 ft of wire to the top.) Tonight I worked ...
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Photo of Larry - W8LLL
I read in another forum that SPE AMPS USA is no longer in business (not answering phones or taking orders) but there is an excellent alte...
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