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S meter
Always reading S-4 on 20 ,S-5-6 40. S-6 on 75 meters RF not lowering it Why is it always read high Icom 7700 zero on 20 ,40 ...
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Photo of Larry - WA7LZO
3D FFT Display
Does anyone know if Flex has any plans to develop a 3D display akin to the new Yaesu FTdx-101d 3D display? It is mind blowing awesome how...
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6600 vs 6500
I am looking to buy a new Flex either the 6500 or 6600M. I recently bought a Maestro, for a good deal, in anticipation of buying the tran...
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Photo of Dwayne - NA6US
Transmit Profiles!!
I have a new 1K Linear Amp which I am very proud of but concerned I don't do anything bad to damage it. Transmit profiles are awesome and...
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Power Genius XL
Does anyone have or been using the Power Genius XL yet?  What is the status on the amp? I see they are able to put on "reserve" but are ...
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Photo of Richard Zalewski
I think I should be concerned.  I see that while I am on 20m apparently a harmonic on 10m of my signal is being picked up 1100 miles away...
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