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Here we go again!
This is getting ridiculous!I sent my radio in to Flex for a frequency stability issue that was preventing FT8 decode. They got the radio ...
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the vox does not work
good morning, I have the latest revision of the software I went to operate the radio with vox, it turns out that it does n...
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Stuck in update mode
Tried to update my 6600M to 2.4.9 and it never completed the display just showed the 2 s meters and the power button was solid purple. We...
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6600M Start Up Problem
660M will not start up several times sense May 4 Gets to meters and  stops. I put in help desk ticket 3 days ago and still waiting for so...
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Just hooked up my 6600M.  Problem is that the display is horizontal instead of vertical.  Not too useful unless you lay your head on the ...
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powersdr driver
I'm running a Flex 1500 radio, using Power SDR 2.7.2 on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 17035.rs_prerelease.171103.1616. The Flex-15...
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