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PA0RDT mini whips
Hi All Have any of you tried these active antennas by PA0RDT? We have a person here in Canada who ...
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Photo of Peter
European/German TURF file needed
Hi there,I am using a 6600M with Software bought this radio in Germany from one of Flexradios official dealers. My 6600M is mar...
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Photo of Paul Menown
6600 uk turf fie
is ther a uk turf file available for my week old 6600?
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Photo of Gerald - K5SDR
FLEX-6400/FLEX-6400M/FLEX-6600/FLEX-6600M now certified for CE
To our European customers, We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed all requirements for CE certification for the ...
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Photo of Adde Tjernberg
Santa was late this year...
..but today he came around with a new toy. First one in SM? Or perhaps even in the EU?
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Photo of Frank - DK7NC
I killed my FLEX-1500
In an act of utter lunacy I have briefly and accidently connected the antenna input of my Flex-1500 to my shack's 13.8V power source. As...
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Photo of Doug - K3TZR
Open source Mac-native software for Flex 6000 users
This is more of an announcement than an Idea but hopefully it will generate some new ideas. I would like to announce the availability of...
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