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Photo of Steve G1XOW
What is this?
I've noticed a sudden jump in noise level on 15m over the last few days. So, I started to investigate and it looks like it may be interna...
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Photo of Lars DL4JLM
VFO A<<>B?
Hello all, I am missing the functionality to copy VFO B data to VFO A (A<<B) and exchange the VFO A and B data (A<>B). There ia a (A>>B)...
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Photo of Francesco Doenz HB9GUO
EASIEST logging software!!??
I am looking for an easy to use logging logging software , NOT the best with all bells and whistles! Just want to keep track of the QSO's...
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Photo of Dawg Fan
I dont want to spend my time trobleshooting software.  I have two 6600Ms and this kind of continual software glitches is driving me awa...
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