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Swr plotting Graph
What about adding a SWR plotting program built in with antenna analyzers across the entire spectrum, on all bands with memory presets rig...
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Android App
I started working on a Android App to go alongside my CMD micro.  I wanted a few additional feature at hands reach without having to use ...
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fldigi and 6300
Need help setting up fldigi and my 6300.  Followed directions on youtube to no avail.  I am able to decode just fine, but unable to trans...
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Changing CW speed default
R.E. F6300 - Is there a way to set the cw speed to a new default without going to the 'Profiles' menu? Mine always defaults to 30 wpm.  T...
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Ten Tec Centaur to 6300
I am in need of some help.  I am trying to interface my 6300 to my TT Centaur Amp.  I am not doing so well.  On the rear of the amp , I h...
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