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Photo of Michael N3LI
I've been having interference during the daytime hours, worst on 160 and 80, and visible but not terribly bad on 40. I've gone through th...
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Photo of Doug K0DV
Using FT8 with Maestro
I have the 6700 and the Maestro.  I have no problem running FT8 with SmartSDR, but I'm having no luck using the Maestro for FT8. With WSJ...
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Photo of Dan KG0AQ
DEXP not working
Great program! I just got back from Oregon and used this program several times and it worked great. Outstanding TX audio reports too! D...
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Photo of Mark - WS7M
Radio not found
Well as I work my way towards a remotable station I keep running into potential issues and wonder how you remote pros are getting around ...
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Photo of Peter
My 6300 seem off Freq.
Though I have had my 6300 (new) for a few months I have not really been using it much but have just noticed that it seem off frequency on...
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