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Ferrite cores
Is it pointless or a good idea to use ferrite cores on the earthing wires in the shack? Thanks in advance.
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1.7.30 locks up
Just had my 6300 lock up. SSDR froze, and a steady beep from the speaker. I had to hold the power button in for about 5 seconds to get th...
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rf power spec
What is the continuous RF Power spec or limit on the Flex-6x000 series? New Flex-6500 on order to replace (upgrade) Flex-5000A.  The Flex...
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ATU memory on 1.6.17
ATU memory does not appear to be retained in certain circumstances. If you tune to a frequency, (7.076) for example. Confirm MEM indicato...
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CAT bug in 1.6.17
In addition to CAT I also have a SignaLink USB connected to my computer for another radio.  Even though the SignaLink is VOX PTT activate...
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