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Hard Copy User Manual
Will there be a printed manual available for purchase for the 6400M/6600M? Its so much easier to find stuff make notes and you don't have...
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Question about VPN
I know nothing about VPNs. When I do a Google search I see that one sets up a VPN to hide their identity and web activity. But I have see...
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I've reviewed the procedure for setting the AGC-T control.  This control works well for the intended purpose, but why couldn't the underl...
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CW Skimmer
What are the correct settings to get CW Skimmer version 2 working properly with DAX IQ?  Is it really necessary to use it in combination ...
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scanning feature
For the 6000 series radios, has there been any thought to implementing a feature that would allow for scanning a designated range of freq...
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