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Dogspark 1.15
Dogspark 1.15 connects to radio.  I see the waterfall, but I hear no audio.  Neither through "Mac Audio", nor through the Flex 6400 audio.
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SSDR V3 Pros and Cons
I have started this conversation as a method of understanding how V3 is doing in the real world. It is NOT for bickering, do that somewhe...
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Software for Mac with v3
I have a friend on another state who will be sharing my 6400 radio with me.  I run Window Laptop and he runs Mac.  I need to set him up. ...
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CAT Data
Write protecting CAT data in the radio. Is there a way to do that? Everytime I use dogparkSDR the CAT data gets changed. Also the profile...
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OS X Port
I would love to see the developer port the iOS version to OSX. I have the DPSDR but not real happy with it. I love the iOS version ! Woul...
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maclogger dx
I have mac logger dx running on my mac mini. I have smart sdr running on my pc with my 6300. They are both on the same lan. How do I get ...
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Apple is going to allow combining iPhone, iPad, and MacOS Applications starting next year.
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