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Buying a Flex?
I was listening on 40m. It was asked, why buy a Flex when you can buy another kind of SDR for much less and does the same thing? Many pe...
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As usual, the 6500 was a fantastic RTTY rig! I love the new RTTY mode, which makes it simple to pounce on signals, and the panadapter giv...
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VP8 Success
While many of you are dreaming of you upcoming new toy and Christmas in February. I successfully worked So. Georgia Is on 12m just now. I...
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Intel NUC
I am a OS X user (Apple/Mac) but decided I needed to move my FlexRadio operations over to a dedicated Windows box - I took the plunge and...
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2015 CQWW CW scores...
Well, after 55 years of happy hamming, this is my FIRST ever contest of any kind.... I just got N1MM+ kind of working in SO2R with my 65...
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