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CW Skimmer on 3 bands...
After Ed helped me get CW skimmer going on my 6500 I had to see if I could get more than 1 band running...  Well I got 3 slices and 3 CW ...
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New ICOM 7300 SDR
Recently, the HPSDR user group has been buzzing on news of the new ICOM SDR, the IC-7300. I just added a comment that I thought the FLEXe...
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IC7300 Manual Released
The manual has been leaked/released, it appears. Interesting read, as we finally get an idea of it's receive capability. I'll let you all...
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Buying a Flex?
I was listening on 40m. It was asked, why buy a Flex when you can buy another kind of SDR for much less and does the same thing? Many pe...
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As usual, the 6500 was a fantastic RTTY rig! I love the new RTTY mode, which makes it simple to pounce on signals, and the panadapter giv...
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