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Fldigi - AFC active in CW mode?
FLDIGI:    Does the AFC function work in CW mode?  I seem to recall it would zero beat the CW signal.  The AFC button is gray-ed out an...
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Flex or a box with knobs?
Greetings, I am new to the Flex community. I joined to get insight into the Flex and it's nuances. Being the age I am and knowing this...
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IQ stream busy
Occasionally when attempting to use a program like CWSkimmer I will select a particular DAX IQ stream and the DAX control panel will repo...
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Temporary cw keyer issue
Hello, today my 6300 keyer had a bad behavior: left paddle sent continuous tone after some points (about ten) while right paddle sent li...
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Product Suggestion:
Product Suggestion: When running two slices in "split" configuration, TX VFO, volume muting, and power level should be "sticky". T...
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