Photo of Gary Johnson
6600m To Monitor Via HDMI Or N1MM+??
Our radio club is in the process of setting up an Icom 7300 and will take the 7300 screen to a big screen monitor via N1MM+.  If N1MM+ ha...
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Photo of Mark Erbaugh
multi-channel audio (more than two)
My computer has 7.1 audio output and I can use multiple stereo speakers without buying a dedicated 7.1 speaker system. I just took anothe...
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Photo of Al / NN4ZZ
SSDR - AutoZeroBeat on CW click tune
Add an option to AutoZeroBeat the signal when click tuning.  This would be generally helpful and especially useful when using CwSkimmer. ...
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Photo of Gerald - K5SDR
FLEX-6600Ms with final software ready for covers and pack out
Thought everyone would like to see the new radios loaded with final software.  These units are ready for covers, final pack out, and ship...
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Photo of Tim, VK6EI
Have any 6400M radios actually shipped yet?
Wondering if anyone can confirm if any 6400M radios have actually shipped out yet? If not are we any closer to them being shipped? Bei...
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Photo of Jim Richardson
TX, RX Equalizer V1.11.12
If I turn on the RX EQ it turns off the TX EQ .  And if I turn on the TX EQ it turns off the RX EQ. How do I turn them both on?  Tks, Jim...
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