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SmartSDR v1.4 Update
As we approach the end of January, it is appropriate to provide the status of our upcoming SmartSDR v1.4 release.  We previously shared i...
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I wonder if adverts and for sale messages could be kept off this forum? If somebody does think they have a place, maybe it would be best ...
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can't transmit split
I've operated rtty split quite a few time previously but right now...I'm doing something wrong I was down on 12 meter rtty. Saw a station...
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RTTY Contest -- remote with Flex 6700
I'm a newcomer to digital modes and I set goal of 20 contacts for CQWW RTTY Contest using Flex 6700 entirely remotely.  Just wanted to se...
  • Dave -- W7IWW, 5 years ago

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