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After installing SSDR 3.1.7 everything worked well. I checked for hidden devices since I had removed DAX & CAT drivers for the new instal...
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new radio
i am waiting patiently for my new the new upgrade installed before it is shipped??i ordered the radio after the release of the u...
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Photo of Dave - N6XVZ
Furnace Blower RFI - Suggestions?
Sorry but the pictures that follow are gruesome and may churn the stomach of even the most stout OM or XYL...I have a 1.5 yr old Goodman ...
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Photo of WA2SQQ
MultiPSK Setup
I’m wondering if anyone can point me to a MultiPSK setup tutorial? Everything I found on Youtube seems to bypass the setup and go direc...
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Flex Radio 6400
Three Blinks Of DeathIt's with deep regret and disappointment that I report the passing of Flex Radio# 3xx8-6xx9-6400-xx02 today at noon,...
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