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Noise on 20m.
Hi, What can be the origin of this type of noise on 20m.This is a screenshot taken two hours after local sunset. Left and right of the FT...
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One Week with FLEX 6400
Well its now 10 days old and still learning cool things this radio can do. I upgraded to Flex 6400 from an Icom 7300 which I enjoyed. I h...
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Unhandled Error
Windows 10, SSDR 2.51, Flex 6300 and 6500. Trial period on CAT expired!Smartlink failed a month ago, opened a ticket, Tim says I need a n...
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Hard Copy User Manual
Will there be a printed manual available for purchase for the 6400M/6600M? Its so much easier to find stuff make notes and you don't have...
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Flex 6400M Backup SD
It appears Flex6400 series radios boot from an SD card.  As we all know SD cards can fail.  Has anyone ever backed one of these up?  Does...
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