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Leo Bodnar 10 Mhx GPSDO
I have a Bodnar external gps plugged into my 6700..I wait until the GPS is locked and then turn on the goes thru its calibrati...
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CW rise time
Found a very old post about CW rise times and wonder what they are set to now. I am getting reports of keyclicks when using my SPE amp.   
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Noise in a waterfall of WSJT
I use two Slice and two WSJT instances, Example: When TX at 14.074 a continuos noise appears in the WSJT waterfall that is at 18.100. The...
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N1MM Voice Keyer
I have successfully recorded voice messages on the N1MM application for use with my Flex 6400. The messages are audible on playback on m...
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