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Flex 6300 missing random dits.
Since the upgrade to 1.6, cw now misses random dits. It is not rf related as I have tested down to 0 watts. No other radios in  my shack ...
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I getting sick & tired of waiting for the Maestro. I put my order in last June thinking a December 2015 delivery date would be acceptable...
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IC7300 Manual Released
The manual has been leaked/released, it appears. Interesting read, as we finally get an idea of it's receive capability. I'll let you all...
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CAT Server Send Error?
Everytime I use the Flex Control knob to change frequency, I get the error message "CAT Server Send Error".  It seems to flash on the scr...
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ARRL DX CW Contest 2016
This year I did the ARRL DX CW contest with my Flex 6500.  The radio performed well.  What issues there were were not the radio's doing. ...
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