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6600 Power Up Issue
My 1 year old Flex 6600 has started to act up recently.  It will not power up (solid green power light) anytime a 10mhz external referenc...
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Flex 6600 Diversity RX Problem
My Flex 6600 works fine with a single slice using Ant-1 or RX-A.  The noise floor is down around -125 (picture 1 is RX-A and picture 2 is...
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Running SSDR IOS on a IPad Air Mini 4 (Version A2.  with a new Flex 6600.  Since updating to the 6600 there is a artifact left o...
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6600 Lost Connections
New Flex 6600 running SSDR v2.1.34 (Windows 10) has experienced a few lost connections for unknown reasons?   The radio reboots on it's o...
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GPS Disciplined Oscillator
I'm curious if anyone is using this type external GPSDO with their Flex 6000 series radios?   I've purchased one of these last fall on Eb...
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CW on SSB modes
With the recent sporadic E openings on 6 meters, I find I miss a feature I had on my K3 which is the ability to transmit CW while in USB...
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