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what does DX+ do? also where is it described in the instruction manual? i am part of WARTSnet, look it up, and people had difficulty hear...
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SmartSDR.XML file
Tim:  This is a question about using 3rd Party Software with my FLEX 6500.  Everytime I start the Fldigi application, I have to open the ...
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Steppir 2 elements
I thinking to upgrade my vertical Hustler to Steppir 2 elements....I wonder what I do really need to buy in order to make it work with my...
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We love our Flex?
I don't know how many new Flex 6000 there are in use out there, but it seems very few owners are found here on the community. It seems to...
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DAX Connectivity
Every once in a while I loose DAX connectivity. I tried rebooting the 6500 but no luck. After rebooting the radio I reboot the computer a...
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