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CW on SSB modes
With the recent sporadic E openings on 6 meters, I find I miss a feature I had on my K3 which is the ability to transmit CW while in USB...
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DAX Mixer
I like to record my audio, and was using qsorder but with the latest window upgrades, it has broken the recording ability.   I now use A...
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FM deviation and emphasis
As I was going through my closet, I ran across an old Heathkit IM-4180 FM Deviation meter.  Then I wondered, with 6000 series FM coming u...
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CWX only profile
After watching Greg's video on CWX and reading the Insider info on profiles, I was immediately struck by the need to have a separate prof...
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NB Idea
Gerald, here is an idea: bring the 6000 noise blanker up to the level of the 5000. This should include reflecting NB improvement on the p...
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