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FlexRadio at the Texas Star Party, May 21 - 28
FlexRadio will be represented at the annual week-long Texas Star Party near Ft. Davis, Texas (virtually in the shadow of McDonald Observa...
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My New 6500
My new 6500. Just received my 6500; very nice.  I have been in “testing” mode for two days now and have some question (and / or sugge...
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DDutil and CAT commands.
I tried to make a macro in DDutil that did not work. The same macro works for all bands except for the 2 meter band. Is this a limitat...
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SmartCAT v1.2.8 issue
When turning my FLEX 6500 on this morning, I lost all external connections to my Digital software. I opened SmartCAT window and it indica...
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SmartCAT Ports
I've got three computers hookedup to LAN via a NetGear Gigabyte Switch. Computer "A" runs SmartSDR & SmartCAT flawlessly. No problems. ...
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Way to send freq info from each slice to outboard programs like cw skimmer in order to decode signals from slices on different bands? As...
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No PTT hint
Until today I've been running 6700 direct connected to desk computer. With Beta I decided it was time to use the laptop and connect v Wi...
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