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RCforb audio
View Profile Email Personal Message (Online) Flexradio audio « on: Today at 05:35:09 am » QuoteModifyRemove Hi, i'm using the fl...
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V3 Doesn't like Maestro
I had great hopes for V3 and my Maestro.  They fixed the bug that caused the Maestro to occasionally lock up the radio, local or remote, ...
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Smartlink no longer connects
I set up SmartLink on my new 6600 and all was working well. My brother (K2OC) tested it from 1900 miles away in Arizona and was able to l...
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Packet Fragmentation
I continue to have problems with SmarLink in 2.0.19 sucessfully connecting my Maestro and 6300. This is a problem that occurs in some re...
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Maestro Randomly Restarting
My Maestro running SmartSDR v1.9.13 has been randomly restarting. It doesn't completely restart, but the screen goes blank except for the...
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