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Why SmartLink?
I hope nobody takes this the wrong way. I do not want to criticize but rather understand. I get that SmartLink does some sort of nego...
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Flex via VPN success!
K2NCR and I have installed an ASUS router with built in VPN into my home network.  We are are both able to connect to my Flex 6700 and ma...
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Stop Windows 10 updates!
For those of you having trouble with Windows 10 updates, you can stop them. I did this months ago. I rolled my PC back to build 1531 as...
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VPN Routers for Remote
Has anyone successfully used two VPN routers for remote? If so, what make and model? (cisco RV042, Linksys LRT224, or ?) And what issues...
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Maestro Randomly Restarting
My Maestro running SmartSDR v1.9.13 has been randomly restarting. It doesn't completely restart, but the screen goes blank except for the...
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