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How to hold a comport
I'm running a Flex 6500 with SSDR 1.5  with HRD  and JT65-HF-HB9HQX.  I find that HRD will use the same comport each time and connects fi...
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Fed up waiting
Bought a yaesu,works rite out of the box,flex packed away until it can compete with the mainstream radios,give us a shout when you do.
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ATU Multiple Memories
I know it took a while to get ATU Memory tuning and I do love it.    My suggestion is in a future version of SSDR that there be somethi...
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Band Plans
just like we had in PowerSDR, would be nice; all the sub-bands + all the SW & MWBC bands + all the WWV & CHU freqs.
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External GPSDO
I'm thinking of adding an "External"  GPSDO to my 6500, will this unit on Ebay be acceptable?   Do I need anything else besides an antenn...
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