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RFI 6400
6400 RFI issue-I looked thru the previous posts & it looks like I may have a unique RFI issue with my 6400, but many of us have struggle...
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Photo of Gary Ashdown VkeightAw
I note that V3 has some performance enhancements and bug fixes (not actually described in detail). If you are only interested in these fe...
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Flex 3000 spurs
My flex 3000 puts out a bunch of spurs only when tuned between 7.177 and 7.185 on 40 Meters. Turning on SR causes what you see in the pic...
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Quick record or XVTA
I am setting up an EV RE320 on my 6400M (it does work, no problem). Does recording on Quick Record give me a true rendition of how I soun...
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Flex 6400M Backup SD
It appears Flex6400 series radios boot from an SD card.  As we all know SD cards can fail.  Has anyone ever backed one of these up?  Does...
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SmartSDR on Linux
I have been playing with this a bit and have a bit typed up if anyone is interested, I am not a programmer and no reverse engineering was...
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