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NEW Smart S-meter PLUS available
HI, a new version of Smart S-meter is available for download at: This version is called "Smart S-...
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Smart S-meter v1.6 available
Hi, new S-meter for SmartSDR v1.6 is available for free download at: Thanks to new CAT you can ru...
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Introducing Maestro!
Introducing Maestro - an intuitive, plug-and-play control console that directs operation of any FLEX-6000 Signature Series transceiver wi...
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Knobs vs. Mice
I agree with Dale, I was that 6500 owner he spoke about. I've been an active DXer/contester since 1959, have owned an SDR-1000 and SDR-5...
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Monitoring on DAX ?
Can we monitor the DAX input ie; hear FLdigi modes going to air on tx ? I notice the monitor "MON" button that operates on voice mic in ...
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