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FlexControl Settings
New changes in Smart SDR 1.3.8I just downloaded SmartSDR 1.3.8 and found that the settings for the FlexControl box have changed. It's goo...
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Incredible service on 6700 PEN
Was notified by Flex last Wednesday they were ready for my radio for the 6700 PEN. Shipped it to them that day via prepaid UPS. They rece...
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DAX error on XP installation.
On installing Beta v1.0.24 (several times), I get a fatal error on DAX as soon as the radio becomes available. This happens on two differ...
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Love the new radio!
You folks have made this upgrade process very simple. The whole process went incredibly smooth and I now have a new 6700 up and running. ...
  • Army Curtis, 6 years ago

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