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SmartSDR Unable to Start
I have a Win 10 Pro 64 problem that I have not been able to mend.  I have not used my 6300 for a couple of months. So updated to V2.6.1. ...
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Gradual Loss of RX Signal
Flex 6300  SN: 1015-4175-6300-2622  SmartSDR V2.0.19 My rx signal slowly disappears and the only way I have found to get it back to norm...
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VE3NEA Faros NCDXF Beacon Software with Flex 6300
This post is slightly off topic perhaps but I felt it might be of interest to some, especially with the down turn in the sunspot cycle.  ...
  • Andy F5VAI, 3 years ago

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SmartSDR 1.5 WNB - Flex 6300
First of all many thanks to all at Flex for this V1.5 update.  However, the new WNB at my QTH is proving far less effective.  I have an e...
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Strong nearby signal
I captured this the day after I got my 6300.  There's a ham less than a block away me.  With my TS-530s and Softrock his SSB would dest...
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